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botox for men

A Trusted Botox Treatment for Men

Men can erase signs of aging too with a trusted Botox treatment: the number one requested cosmetic procedure for men. 

The popularity of botox for men continues to increase: studies estimate there has been anywhere from a 300% - 400% increase in the last 20 years. 

If you’re feeling like the effects of aging are catching up to you, or if you don’t feel like your best self when you look in the mirror, botox for men is a viable option that allows men to quickly embody the best version of themselves. 

Refresh Your Look! 

Over time stress, pollution, sun exposure, and gravity cause skin to age, but it doesn’t have to stay that way! Botox for men helps refresh the face for younger and more youthful-looking skin. Our trusted Brotox treatment at NU Youth Medispa allows men to access the same time and damage-reversing technology women have been using for years. 

Our Botox for Men Targets:

Botox for Men is great for men of any age but is most popular among 40 to 70 years old. Depending on the dosage and muscle size/strength, a botox treatment can last anywhere from 3-6 months.

Benefits of Botox for Men:

Why are Men Flocking to Botox?

Brotox gives men the freedom to care about their looks and feel like their best selves without looking overdone. At NU Youth Medispa, our botox treatments will allow men to naturally look and feel like a younger version of themself in a short timeline.

What is Brotox? 

Botox and similar injectable products (Xeomin and Dysport) block nerve signals from target treatment areas to minimize the movement, muscle contractions, and activity of the muscles, which minimizes the signs of aging. Within the first few days following a botox session, muscles relax, and the appearance of wrinkles will begin to fade, and new wrinkles will cease to form. To achieve the desired results, botox for men will only differ in the amount of product needed. Since men have stronger facial muscles, more Botox is typically required for an effective, long-lasting treatment. 

Botox for Couples: Defy the Effects of Time Together.

One of the biggest reasons men visit medical spa clinics in Toronto for botox is to feel and look as good as their partners. When your partner or spouse uses botox treatments to maintain her youth and fresh look, men are tempted to follow suit, and why not? Botox for men allows couples to undergo the same treatments and rejuvenation connecting over their confidence. 

The Trusted Botox Treatment Team at NU Youth Medispa

Betty Lavari and the team at Toronto’s trusted medical spa clinic offer reliable botox treatments for men. Our refined technique and expertise ensure high-quality results. 

“When you have a happy muscle expression, it sends signals to your brain that you’re happy,” Betty Lavari says. Plus, she noted, “If you look at yourself in the mirror and you look amazing, you feel good.”

Since every person is different, we offer complimentary consultations to assess your uniques and develop a treatment plan to help you achieve the results you want. 

Call us or send a message online today to schedule an appointment with the treatment team at NU Youth Medispa.


What Our Happy Clients Say

I met Betty a few years ago. She is so incredibly kind and passionate about what she does. Betty has treated my skin for both medical and cosmetic concerns. Since seeing her on a regular basis, my skin has never felt better. You have always made me feel beautiful, thank you for everything you have done xo!

Betty Lavari is marvellous. I have never gotten so many compliments on my lips and face ever. I have gotten my lips done from many other medical spa clinics and nurses before but Betty was far more professional and knowledgeable. I give her 10/10. I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment. I didn’t have any reactions either. Everything was symmetrical because Betty took a detailed analysis of my current shape and future desired shape.

 I highly recommend Betty for all of your skin treatment needs especially for anti aging at her medical spa clinic in Toronto.

Betty Lavari treated my skin better than the multiple dermatologists I’ve been to. Betty’s recommendations and treatments all worked tremendously for my skin such as micro needling, red lazer and much more! She knows the best skin products and treatments to fit specific skin types. I would definitely choose her. You will get the results you want and can trust her with all your skin needs. She knows the best treatments to fit your specific needs.

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