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Look & Feel Your Best

Cosmetic and aesthetic procedures don't have to change who you are.
It's about becoming the best version of yourself.

Therapeutic Facials

Therapeutic Facials

Transform your skin with our wide variety of facial and LED Light

Therapy treatments designed to address every skin concern. Achieve 

your beautiful glow with our esthetic expertise, technology, and relaxation.

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Facial Rejuvenation

Facial Rejuvenation

Our clinic experts are committed to remaining on the cutting 

edge of medical aesthetics and is always introducing new treatments in 

addition to true technologies. Explore the benefits of PRP microneedling in Toronto, AQUAGOLD, and others within our facial rejuvination treatments.

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NU YOUTH MEDISPA offers multiple laser based therapies to treat a variety of skin conditions 

including acne, acne marks, cherry angioma and keloid scars, fine lines and wrinkles, 

pigmentation and sundamage, redness and rosacea, laxity and textural concerns, 

and laser hair removal. Featuring cutting edge technologies such as SCITON JOULE™ System.

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Our Clinic expert injectors can help lift, contour, and freshen your 

appearance to create natural improvements without surgery. 

Our Health Canada approved fillers instantly smooth wrinkles, reduce folds,

and to plump lips and deeper lines while neuro toxins such as BOTOX® 

and Xeomin reduce wrinkles and expression lines, creating 

smoother skin and a younger appearance.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

I met Betty a few years ago. She is so incredibly kind and passionate about what she does. Betty has treated my skin for both medical and cosmetic concerns. Since seeing her on a regular basis, my skin has never felt better. You have always made me feel beautiful, thank you for everything you have done xo!

Betty Lavari is marvellous. I have never gotten so many compliments on my lips and face ever. I have gotten my lips done from many other medical spa clinics and nurses before but Betty was far more professional and knowledgeable. I give her 10/10. I didn’t feel any pain during the treatment. I didn’t have any reactions either. Everything was symmetrical because Betty took a detailed analysis of my current shape and future desired shape.

 I highly recommend Betty for all of your skin treatment needs especially for anti aging at her medical spa clinic in Toronto.

Betty Lavari treated my skin better than the multiple dermatologists I’ve been to. Betty’s recommendations and treatments all worked tremendously for my skin such as micro needling, red lazer and much more! She knows the best skin products and treatments to fit specific skin types. I would definitely choose her. You will get the results you want and can trust her with all your skin needs. She knows the best treatments to fit your specific needs.

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